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The FS-21 abdominal crunch bench is a high-quality compact, utility bench, perfect for abdominal workouts. It is padded so your customers can stay comfortable as they perform their workouts. Our crunch bench also allows for easy maintenance as the material can easily be wiped down. The abdominal crunch bench comes with wheels for easy moving around your gym facility. Both trainers and customers can easily adjust the placement to allow for more space.

With this bench, your customers can do a number of crunch exercises including the basic crunch, reverse crunch, sit-ups, crunch twits, and more. This bench is slightly elevated on one side so your customers can obtain an intense abdominal workout with minimal lifting accessories.

Additional features of our Crunch Bench

  • Back pad angled 20 degrees and dual ankle pads for comfort and ergonomics.
  • Bench dimensions 46” x 24” x 23”

True FS-21 Abdominal Bench

  • ootprint 46" L x 24" W x 23" H (116 cm x 60 cm x 58 cm)
    Machine Weight 49 lbs / 22 kg
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