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Octane Fitness XT4700 Standard

  • Large LED display with integrated capacitive buttons
  • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
  • Electronically adjustable stride
  • Quiet motors
  • Wireless heart rate compatibility – ANT+ and Polar
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors
  • 16 workout programs, 30 resistance levels
  • 3-speed console fan
  • Self-powered

Octane Fitness XT4700

    • 10″ glass capacitive touch screen
    • Workout Boosters and CROSS CiRCUIT video coaching
    • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
    • Wi-Fi enabled
    • Web browsing, video streaming
    • 21 workout programs and 30 resistance levels
    • Wireless heart rate compatibility – ANT+ and Polar
    • Digital contact heart rate sensors
    • 3 speed console fan
  • SmartStride

    This exclusive Octane Fitness feature automatically adjusts the stride length to replicate walking, jogging and running. It mimics what you do naturally outside – when you walk, you have a shorter stride; and when you start running, your stride automatically lengthens. Not only does this feel comfortable, but it adds variety and challenge to workouts.

    The XT4700 adjustable stride length is from 20" - 28" so it comfortably fits every user in your home. The XT4700 commercial grade elliptical is truly the most comfortable elliptical machine that allows your body to move the way nature intended.


    The top-of-the-line XT4700 is a leading model at health clubs worldwide, and now you can get the same rock-solid durability and premium performance at home. Built with superior materials and uncompromising manufacturing, this model is subject to rigorous testing and meeting exceptional standards before it ever gets to a club or home.

    Loaded with advanced features and designed to with stand numerous workouts over many years, the unmatched quality and reliability of the XT4700 will exceed your expectations.

    Real Running Motion

    Designed based on precise human biomechanics, Octane elliptical machines deliver supremely comfortable natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without stress on the joints, which is ideal for all levels of exercisers.

    The XT4700 features close pedal spacing (only 1.8"), so your body is properly aligned from head to toe, thereby minimizing pressure on the lower back. Because the body feels so good during workouts, you are more likely to stay on longer and keep coming back.

    Upper-Body Ergonomics

    The patented, one-of-the-kind Converging Path and MultiGrip handlebars better engage the upper body and fit every exerciser comfortably.

    With MultiGrip handlebars, you can target different arm, chest and back muscles simply by changing your grip. The MultiGrip handlebars also feature contact heart rate sensors and fingertip controls to easily adjust the speed and resistance. And Converging Path handlebars follow the natural path of the arms when walking or running.

    Space-Efficient Design

    Significantly shorter than other premium elliptical machines or treadmills, the XT4700 fits virtually anywhere at home. With its low step-up height and rear access, it’s simple for everyone to get on and off safely.

    Ceiling height clearance is only 8” higher than the tallest user, so it can be placed in areas with low ceilings.

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