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Innovative Space-saving Design Sets Up in Less Than 10 Seconds!

The Force USA Folding MyRack is the first fully folding modular power rack of its kind.

Unlike competing folding half racks, our patented full rack design doesn't need to mount to a wall, offers more interior working space, and holds twice the weight.

With a Folding MyRack, your training options are endless with ten attachments, including J-hooks, band pegs, and safeties.

The Folding MyRack is a versatile power rack system to perform various exercises, including squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and more.

Why Choose the Folding MyRack?

  • Convenience – Innovative fold-away design for tight spaces.
  • Speed – Lightning-fast set-up time with pop-pin technology.
  • Stability – Industrial-strength construction to maximize safety.
  • Durability– Backed by a lifetime structural warranty.
  • Capacity – The base unit is rated to hold up to 2,000lb.
  • Customizable – Choose from 10 separate attachments.
  • Versatility – Perform dozens of different exercise variations.


Heavy-duty 12 GA steel uprights utilize state-of-the-art fully automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology for consistent reliability, durability, and stability.

Whether you train weightlifting, powerlifting, WODs, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, or want to build muscle or burn fat, the Folding MyRack can help get you to the next level.

Features westside spacing with 54 different numbered adjustment points on the front and rear of the uprights perfectly position any size user for bench press, squats, and more.

Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack

  • Specifications:

    Working Dimensions:

    49 in (W) x 41 in (D) x 86 in (H)

    Folded Dimensions:

    52 in (W) x 20 in (D) x 84 in (H)

    Upright Size:

    2.4 in square (60 mm)

    Accessory Holes:

    5/8 in (16 mm)

    Weight Rating:

    2000 lb (907 kg)

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