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The SCT400G Seated Elliptical Cross Trainer delivers a low impact lower and upper body workout and comfort with its adjustable Ultra Wide Seat and Lumbar Backrest. Our padded pedals coupled with our patented SST (Spring Step Technology) allow the users foot to self align with their own natural foot angle minimizing foot and knee stress. Get on and off the SCT400g easily and safely with its walk-through design and swivel seat. The GO button and handlebar controls get you up and running instantly.

Bodycraft SCT400G Seated Crosstrainer

    • Stride Length: 16″
    • Resistance: Up to 20 levels of resistance utilizing BODYCRAFT Eddy Current Technology
    • Arms: Dependent Arms for added upper body exercise WITH hands controls
    • Console: Blu View Programmable LCD Console with GO Quickstart function
    • Seat: Ultra-wide comfort. Pivoting swivel allows users to safely enter and exit the machine
    • Backpad: Ultra wide lumbar supported can be seat at 2 different angles
    • Pedals: Patented Spring Step Technology (SST) self align for reducing knee and joint stress and include padded inserts for maximum comfort
    • Drive: Generator Hybrid Magnetic Green brake
    • Details Built-in Extended able tablet / phone holder, water bottle holder and reading rack.
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