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Years of Research and Development Has Led to the Most Comfortable and Natural Moving Ellipticals Ever Created. Our Engineering Team Spent Vast Amounts of Time Perfecting the Most Efficient and Durable Design, While Mimicking Natural Human Gait and Arm Swing. From the Moment You Step onto the Smooth-Flow Comfort Pads You Will Appreciate the Precise Engineering and Ergonomics that Ensure a Comfortable, Quiet, and Smooth Workout. Finally, an Elliptical that Moves with Your Body, Not Against it.

Bodycraft E1000


    • BRAKE SYSTEM: Whisper Quiet Pure Precision Commercial Generator Brake



    • STRIDE LENGTH: 23”

    • PEDAL SPACING: 1.5”

    • HANDLEBARS: Dual-Action Multi-Grip

    • MOBILITY: Built-in Transport Wheels

    • HEART RATE: Hand Pulse Grips / Wireless Receiver (BT, ANT+, & 5kHz)

    • STABILITY: Adjustable Self Leveling Stabilizer Feet

    • ENTRY / EXIT: Rear Entry

    • EXTRAS: Audio Jack (Not on LCD), USB Phone Charger, Water Bottle Holder, Book Rack, Accessory Tray



    • DISPLAY: 10” or 16” High Definition, Full Color, Interactive Touch Screen Computer Display

    • DATA FEEDBACK: User Defined Data Feedback: SPM, Steps, Distance, Time, Pulse, Mets, Calories, Watts, Level, Stride Length, Media, Volume, Wifi, Bluetooth, Workout Summary

    • USER PROFILES: 6 Fully Customizable User Profiles – 10 Favorite/Custom Programs Each – Stores Comprehensive Data

    • PROGRAMS: 20+ Pre-Loaded Programs: Quick Start, Classics (Goals, Hill, Random, Plateau, Constant Power, Race), Intervals (Classic, HIIT, Custom), HRC’s (Target, Interval, Fat Burn, Cardio), Fitness Test, Custom, Cool Down

    • VIRTUAL SCENES: 4 Virtual Scenes – Forests, Beaches, Tropics, Mountains

    • APPS/MEDIA: Pre-Loaded Media Apps, Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Spotify, USB Music MP3 and Video MP4, HDMI Input, Use Bluetooth to Connect to Apps on Smartphone or Tablet

    • BLUETOOTH / ANT+: BT & ANT+ Wireless Heart Rate Receiver, BODYCRAFT CONNECT Module for Connecting Apps on Smart Phone or Tablet

    • HEART RATE: BT, ANT+, and 5kHz Wireless Receivers

    • AUDIO: 3.5mm Audio Jack & Wireless Bluetooth Audio

    • USB: Power Charging, Software Updates, MP3/MP4 Player

    • INTERNET: Wired (Ethernet) and Wireless (Wifi) Internet, Cloud Software Update

    • HDMI: HDMI Input to Expand Your Entertainment Experience

    • C-SAFE: 2 C-Safe Ports, Charging Port and Communication Port for 3rd Party Devices

    • MANAGER MODE: Change Parameters, Add Own Logo, Error Code Feedback, Software Updates, Diagnostic History Log, and More.

    • LANGUAGE: Choose from 4 Languages, English, French, Spanish, or Chinese

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